Lecture: »Individuality in the collective; housing typologies — point blocks«

An examination and discussion of basic urban space phenomena and the principle of individuality in the collective.

How can we respond to the urban sprawl around towns and villages with a solution rooted in redensification for quality space in inward growth? »Detached house« quality: intimate sociability in a dense architectural structure. Strengthening individuality in the collective environment is the architectural motif, and the central topic of my lecture.

The lecture explores and examines the basic phenomena of urban space and the fundamental forms of individuality and the collective as ideas and in physical and optical reality.

A place is created by the action of design, and that action defines the quality and value of the space. Choreographing architectural space involves zoning areas and structures, exploring the interaction between interior and exterior. Considering each of these spatial phenomena in its own right produces better outside space in the urban environment. The goal is to create an urban structure.

Auszug aus meinem Vortrag

We look more closely at this model using the example of the point house. Examples from building practice demonstrate how the concept works in practice and give students an illustration of the underlying idea. The lecture is aimed at sub-honours Bachelor students of architecture and includes images to offer a direct insight into the issues explored.

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